Saturday, January 30, 2010

A day @ Madhu's place..the first video

Mid July 2006, our classmate Madhurima invited all of us to her place at Belanagar. the whole of the physio 1st years, along with a few of the incoming batch, gathered at her place. till then, I didnt know what a "get2gether" was...our dear friend PriyOnka had taken her digcam. a soundbox was installed @ the roof of Madhu's house, and we danced a lot to the tunes...and each moment was videographed: my first "romantic dance" with Sakshi...(virtually a physical assault for her), trying to make Uti dance, Neela's dance..etc etc etc... when i sat down to view those videos...i thought "why not make order out of the chaos"? and hence...I downloaded the sountracks used, edited the raw videos, emphasized on parts ..(like sakshi's WM)..and wallah!!! the video was ready!!!Aagan and Chhoku did some really good videography. the video was presented under the legend "Presidency College Physiology Department presents"....

My Passion...Videoz!!!!!!!

I was in my college 1st year, when I blackmailed my father into buying me a computer. reason? everyone has one, why not me? but a few days into buying the acer was converted into another chatstation!!!!

my Presi life, for the first yr, was quite a boring one, thanks to my "JEE" saga. ya, there were those golpark sprees with agni...and the RKM ones..but even those were occasional. And then..the inevitable happened...i didnt qualify JEE!!

i was depressed(was I?) ..and went back to the same presi LT....the one that i had belonged to for the past 1 yr, and yet it was not so familiar to me due to my absence!!! the number of my classmates had decreased from 24 to 15 overnight (it seemed)...but we were ready for a new journey...the physiopal journey...and my "chatstation" computer overnight turned into an editing messenger lay forgotten...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The New Side of Kolkata-as i saw it

Recently I experienced something which introduced me to a totally new(and dark) genre of the Kolkata culture. I went to this party with a few of my friends,without the slightest indication of what it was about..we were promised good food, and grand masti for free, so, why not? The party started off late (its IST, the Indian Stretcheable Time). They had hired singers without the slightest sense of sur or taal, but I guess, thats the way it goes in these events(the lady-anchor was good-looking,i must admit). There was a bar,where hard drinks were being sold at nominal rates..unlimited. As the pathetic melancholy dreadful old hindi numbers(the renditions would have depressed the original singers to suicide), gave way to the jhakaas tracks(which have never needed surs or taals anyways), the effects of the hard drinks began to seep in..the crowd,mostly drunk,started to dance...but thats perfectly natural in a party when jhinchaak songs are playing. But as the party went on, the nature of the dances started to turn towards the worst, and soon, the "dances" started to include everything,ranging from open displayals of effections of all the 3 orientations to stripping. To a reader, it may seem as an "eye-candy" experience, but believe me,viewing things in a video, and watching it live in front of u makes a hell n heaven difference..a video may seem provokative, but when made to watch live, ur conscience bites u..(and im sure,those who r reading this blog respect the same cultures and traditions as i do). to make things worse, they announced rain dance!!
My point is, does one really need to enjoy parties in this manner? I mean..come on, there must be a limit. i agree that the food was excellent, and i particularly enjoyed the time spent with my friends...the adda n masti, but definitely did not expect an obscene form of enjoyment. One cannot blame the youth, coz i saw an elderly man, in his sixties, dancing around almost-nude girls, who are of the age of his grand-daughter, in the articifial rain, with his shirt unbuttoned. Is this really the "night culture" of Kolkata, ?..if so, then I hope all the best to the upcoming days of doom for Kolkata..thats wot u call WESTERNIZATION, huh??

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


there r people who feel that the name of the institutions where an applicant has studied, adds an extra respect in the biodata, where as others believe whatever be the institution one has studied in, only skills matter...ur opinions on this..